"The coaching conversations allowed me to break free of mental barriers and take the leap of faith. I now work with small and medium-sized companies as a business management consultant. I was invited to do a TEDx talk in Switzerland, I've been steadily growing my business, doing non-profit work with youth, and continue to get new opportunities that I wouldn't have otherwise been able to explore.


Thank you so much for all of your help. You are a phenomenal coach and an even better person! Working with you led to one of the best breakthroughs that put me on a launching pad for the next chapter of my life. I thank you tremendously for it."

Geremy Ferrell, CEO Peculiar PPL, TEDx Speaker

"Cheryl coached me weekly for more than three years. Her listening skills, insights, and spot-on observations helped me navigate professional and personal challenges, enabling me to approach both with increased clarity.


Her compassionate and thoughtful approach made a tremendous difference in my life."

Amanda Fore, Non-Profit Strategist

"I went from such an unsure CEO needing a lot of guidance to having sessions with you to help build my confidence and get me to a place where I felt worthy of the business that was coming to me.

I won contracts…and I was recently notified that we are being considered for a contract award with over 20 positions. I now have metrics in place for our top Team members. 


I know in my heart that if I did not have working sessions with you, that I would not have had the right state of mind to get through all that’s happened."

 Ken Coleman, CEO. Lewis-Price, Inc.

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