People come to me when they need a listening ear, and compassionate yet honest feedback. They may feel “stuck” in a decision loop or feel uninspired in their business or personal lives. Sometimes people feel drained, isolated, anxious, lonely (particularly for those in a CEO role) or unclear about their own unique gifts and abilities. Through deep listening, holding space for my clients, and intuitive communication (I’m also Reiki I Certified), clients often discover a level of awareness that leads to major shifts. The results in just a short time of coaching, can be life changing. It’s not always easy, but keep in mind superficial or surface level connection is not for me and does not provide you with the experience you need to visualize, feel and make new choices. This is one of the reasons I love the coaching process, clients can achieve faster and more significant results. People are craving connection and no amount of social media can cure this desire. Know that coaching calls with me are treated with the utmost care and are 100% confidential. 

Consulting & Advisory

There are times, when a client needs me to review their plans or discuss potential solutions. I can rapidly evaluate ideas, offer potential solutions and alternatives to bring new energy and outcomes to ideas. At times these sessions are advisory in nature, but they can also lead to consulting time, where I develop written concepts, provide feedback and editing on marketing content or help develop vision and mission goals, or attend team conference calls or meetings.

Professional Credentials

My professional coaching training began in 2014, and I was certified as a professional coach by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) also in 2014. I worked with a variety of professionals as well as individuals amid career transitions. During this time, I received my next level of certification through the ICF.  I have been a member of the Forbes Coaches Council and have been asked to provide input for their “Ask the Experts” panel of coaches. I have also written articles for Forbes publications.

Prior to coaching, I started, managed, and then sold a successful business. My expertise in customer relationships, business processes and program management gave me a keen awareness of the challenges that business owners and client’s face daily. As a visionary, I could see both sides of the coin. I understood intuitively how to connect both worlds and make both entities successful. 


I’ve been business consultant for many years, helping large government agencies solve complicated and long-standing IT and process problems, being front and center as leader and dedicated liaison. I’ve also been an Advisor to George Mason University and helped them stand up their first Innovation Center in the Business Department. I am the recipient of numerous industry awards, including the honor of being selected in the Washington Business Journal, Women Who Mean Business Alumni Award.  I’ve spent significant time supporting and advising groups such as Women in Technology, Women in Defense, Heroines in Technology, Peace Through Business and Women Impacting Public Policy. And, on the home front, I served on the legislative committee for the PTA.

Work With Me

To work with me, simply click the Book Now button which will take you to my calendar with the ability to directly book in an available slot. There are no contracts, packages, or long-term commitments required. Everyone is treated as an individual and my goal is to have you flying whenever you are ready. And, yes, you can always come back at anytime!


Special student rates are available, so please DM me if you are a student looking to make your mark, but feel talking to peers, teachers or parents is not on the table.

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